Executive Team

Dr. Boris Danev. Co-founder and CEO

Boris holds a Ph.D. in Security and Wireless Systems from ETH Zurich. His expertise covers wireless communications, security protocol design and analysis, pattern recognition and biometrics. Prior to ETH, Boris worked for NEC Japan and Ericsson R&D Ireland. Boris has 10+ academic and industry experience.

Dr. David Barras. Co-founder and CTO

David holds a Ph.D. in Electronics from ETH Zurich. His expertise covers low-power electronics, analog design, wireless systems, wireless architectures.  Prior to 3db, David worked for Swatch Group and CSEM. David has 15+ years academic and industry experience in designing ultra-low power micro electronics.

Board of Directors

Dr. Andreas Haeberli. CTO Dorma+Kaba

Andreas is Chief Technology Officer of Dorma+Kaba and member of the Executive Committee. Andreas's background is chip design and he is passionate about innovation, next generation security and electronics for consumer and industrial applications.

Dr. Moritz Lechner. Co-Chairman of the Board, Sensirion AG

Moritz studied physics and holds a PhD from ETH Zurich. He is co-founder of Sensirion AG and co-CEO until 2016. He is a winner of numerous entrepreneurial awards and has a strive for developing new businesses.

Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Srdjan Capkun

Srdjan leads the System Security Group at ETH Zurich and the Zurich Information Security Centre (ZISC). His work on proximity-based access control and localization has been recognized worldwide with seminal publications in leading security venues. Srdjan has 15+ research and industry consulting experience.