What is 3DB6830 UWB IC?

3DB6830 is 3db's flagship highly integrated ultra low power IR-UWB transceiver with integrated security layer for secure distance bounding and data communication.

3DB6830 Block Diagram

3DB6830 is a full Impulse Radio UWB-based transceiver in the upper UWB bands from 6 to 8 GHz. It is IEEE 802.15.4f compatible and meets ETSI and FCC Part 15.250 regulations.

3DB6830 also includes a formally proven purpose-built MAC layer for secure distance bounding and data communication especially designed for security applications. It has been designed to counter all logical-layer and physical-layer distance modification attacks and can be configured to ensure different degrees of security while providing sufficient amount of distance measurements to be run in a single session. Any microcontroller being able to provide random number generation and authentication routines is suitable to drive 3db UWB IC.

Key Features

Frequency Range6 - 8 GHz            
Power consumption20 uJ (single measurement)
Provable securityYes
Ultra-fast ranging session
< 1 ms
< 10 cm
Distance range
> 120 meters (Line of Sight)
Bill of Material
Passives, XTAL, DC/DC
IEEE 802.15.4f - compatible


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