New UWB regulation enables next generation PKES deployment

27. Aug 2018
OFCOM:Compatibility studies have been completed in close collaboration with the company 3db as well as the companies Decawave and Marquardt. They finally demonstrated that the new UWB system can be used in the main segment of the selected frequency band. In 2019, the start-up 3db Access will be able to deliver its technology to two major players in the European automotive market.

Tesla cars stolen by relay attacks

3. Aug 2018
While this is no longer surprising, it was very interesting to read how to protect your Tesla car (which fully kills the nice functionality of Passive Entry and Start):"You can decrease the likelihood of unauthorised entry by disabling Passive Entry when parked in public spaces or storing your key in a holder which blocks electromagnetic transmissions, such as a RFID-blocking sleeve or Faraday cage"https://electrek.

World. Minds Mobility 2018 - Grounding the Internet

7. Jun 2018 inspiring talk on Grounding the Internet!

Pourquoi les clés sans contact de nos voitures sont toutes vulnérables?

18. Dec 0000
"Les systèmes d’accès actuels dans nos automobiles reposent sur des principes de sécurité obsolètes que les voleurs peuvent souvent casser en quelques minutes."

'Relay crime' theft caught on camera (BBC news)

1. Dec 2017
Couple of days ago, BBC made available a footage of a relay attack. It shows two men stealing a luxury car in front of the owner's house. The relay attack devices enable stealing the car without needing to see the owner's keys.